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5 Considerations to Make Before Buying a Commercial Property

The decision of buying a new office space or commercial property is like entering into a new business venture. A well-equipped office space impacts the work directly and helps in optimizing efficiency. So the decision of zeroing in on an office space must be taken wisely. And for that, one requires to do a bit of homework in order to ensure that the right decision is made.

Read on to know 5 important points to consider before taking the decision to make a safe and informed choice.

Compliance under RERA

Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 protects the interest of the buyers. It is mandatory for the real estate developer to register the commercial project with the authority. So, RERA registration provides credibility to the real estate developer and project. Thus, this will help you in making an informed choice. You can ask for the RERA registration number of property and check it on the website.

Location of the Property

The location of the office space is very important. A good location would make the business easily accessible to the end users, employees, and suppliers. Additionally, a good location would also provide high appreciation rates which will be an added advantage in the long run.


Connectivity to main roads of the city and other major cities via road and railways is very imperative to run a business successfully. And connectivity comes free with a good location! So, it turns to be another important consideration for a commercial property. The best office space option is a property that is located nearer or adjacent to the main road network.

Standard Amenities & Support Services

The commercial property must have some standard facilities and amenities as per your requirements. It is recommended that you check that all your requirements are met. A few amenities and services can be a parking facility, security, lift, etc. If these services are not available, it would create problems for the business to run successfully and will also contribute to lower resale value if you opt for it in the future.


Every purchase needs a proper budget planning before execution. So is with a commercial property purchase transaction. You must consider not just the value of the space but also other maintenance charges as they are a recurring expense. This consideration will help in the easy selection of the office space amongst the other available options.

Buying real estate is certainly a very big decision that must be taken only after giving it proper thought and consideration. And now that you know 5 points to consider while investing in commercial property in Noida, Delhi, or any other location in India, you can take a sound decision and reap the best benefits from it.