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Job Details
Job Position : Project Safety Officer
Job Code : EHS-01
Functional Area : EHS
Number of Position : 1
Location : Sector 150, Noida
Experience : 7 - 10 Years
Job Description :

Job Description:

The duties of a Safety Officer shall be to advise and assist the company in the fulfilment of its obligations, statutory or otherwise, concerning prevention of personal injuries and maintaining a safe working environment. These duties shall be to ensure implementation of Zero Accident Philosophy in the organization and include the following, namely:

Prevention of Accidents:   

  1. To advise the building workers and other workers of different agencies providing various services in the Group Housing Complex site with regards to planning and organizing measures necessary for effective control of personal injuries;
  2. To check and evaluate the effectiveness of actions taken to prevent personal injuries;
  3. To investigate all fatal and other selected accidents;
  4. To advise on the maintenance of such records as are necessary with regard to accidents, dangerous occurrences and occupational diseases;
  5. To investigate the cases of occupational diseases contracted and reportable dangerous occurrences;
  6. To design and conduct suitable training and educational programmes for prevention of accidents to building workers;

Safety Aspects

  1. To advise all workers, executives, management and visitors on safety aspects in a Group Housing Complex site;
  2. Should have hands-on experience in safety audits and preparing HIRA reports (Hazard Investigation & Risk Assessment for construction operations);
  3. To carry out safety inspections of site including buildings, basements, common areas and amenities in order to observe the physical conditions of work, practices and procedures followed by workers and to render advice on measures to be adopted for removing unsafe physical conditions and preventing unsafe actions by building workers;
  4. Supervise and guide safety precautions to be taken in buildings and other construction work of the establishment;
  5. To advise purchasing and ensuring quality of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) confirming to national standards;
  6. To establish Safety Committees and charter its roles and duties;
  7. To organize, in association with concerned departments, campaigns, and other activities which will develop and maintain the interest of workers in establishing and maintaining safe conditions of work and procedures;
  8. To frame safe rules and safe working practices in consultation with senior officials of the establishment;
  • Have an Experience in OHSAS-18001(safety) & ISO-14001 (environment) standards.
Desired Profile :

You will be responsible for:-

  • Making regular site inspections with regards to ensuring strict adherence to HSE issues.
  • Be fully aware of ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001& SA 8000 standards and implement the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) related policies.
  • Conducting investigations and running HSE audits of various contractors & service providers working on site and confirm adherence to HSE practices.
  • Conducting HSE related training and preparing weekly / fortnightly / monthly reports on site HSE status and presenting the same to the management.
  • Conducting various HSE promotional activities on site and conducting toolbox meetings in order to create awareness on the safety measures.
  • Inspecting site conditions to determine if hazards are present.
  • Performing root cause analysis for incident/accident investigations. Recording and investigating accidents/incidents. Develop, implement enforce policies that reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Developing and deploying methods and technologies for Risk Assessment and Control.
  • Conducting Safety Committee meetings on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring strict adherence to PPE and its applicability on various sites.
  • Conducting and participating in internal safety meeting reviews with various project stakeholders.
  • Implementation of Emergency Preparedness Plan on the project site. Performing emergency response drills.
  • Organizing and providing training to employees on safety topics.
Key Skills : Prevention of Accidents#Safety#construction#Health#Environment#OHSAS-18001
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Last Date : 20/09/2023